Q: What are the requirements to sign up for your courses?

The only requirement is to have a valid ID. You do not need a high-school diploma to sign up for our courses and programs.

Q: Do I need to have any prior experience before signing for your programs or courses?

No, you do not need any prior experience to join us. An interest in the beauty industry is the only real requirement – we teach you absolutely everything else you`ll need to know to work as a makeup artist.

Q: Do I need a certificate or license to do make-up?

State of Nevada has a few rules for makeup artists. The Board of Cosmetology does not have jurisdiction over freelance makeup artistry. Individuals only need to obtain and display a Makeup Artist registration if they are working at a salon providing makeup services. If you want to work as a freelance makeup artist outside of the salon and spa system, then you do not need a makeup artist’s license.

Q: Is Glam Sophisticated Makeup Academy licensed to issue certifications?

Yes, Glam Sophisticated Makeup Academy is licensed by the Nevada Commission on Postsecondary Education to operate a Private Postsecondary Educational Institution in the State of Nevada.

Q: Do you provide a certificate at the end of every course?

Only our Professional Makeup Artistry and Business Program guarantees a certificate that states you have studied make-up under Glam Sophisticated’s tutelage and certifies you as a professional makeup artist.

Q: Is the makeup for the class provided?

Yes, all the makeup for the class is provided.

Q: Do I get a makeup kit?

Yes, a makeup kit is provided with our Pro Makeup Artistry Program to get you started as a freelance makeup artist. Brands do vary, depending on the availability of the products at the time you enroll, but each Pro Makeup Artist kit includes the same type of products.

Q: Do I get a book when attending the course?

Yes, a book with all the information we will be teaching in the class is included with your tutorship.

Q: Are models provided for the class?

Yes, models are provided for the class as all the courses are hands-on, but you are more than welcome to bring any friends or family you would like to practice on.

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